Lundi 14 mars 2011

Laurent Gbagbo called the people to "calm"

This statement Beats dre dre comes as the military loyal to him have launched an offensive against insurgents in the pro-Ouattara `s Abobo neighborhood in Abidjan. The latter denounced the "indiscriminate killing". Laurent Gbagbo Beats by dr. dre New Products enjoys he `s removal of his rival, Alassane Ouattara, to regain control in Ivory Coast? The armed forces loyal to outgoing president announced Saturday it had launched in Abidjan a "big push" to "cleanse" the neighborhood of Abobo `insurgents. Monster Kobe Bryant In the evening, the outgoing president has called everyone to remain calm. " "We have just vibram five fingers footwearr launched a major offensive to rid Abobo terrorists. Make it or break it ", had previously announced a spring` s Staff of Defence Forces and Security (FDS) loyal to Gbagbo. People sprawling district of northern Ivorian economic capital, Abobo is largely controlled by supporters of Alassane Ouattara `, who call themselves the" Vibram Five Fingers Sprint commando invisible. " On the morning of Saturday, the spokesman for the Gbagbo government, Ahoua Don Mello, had acknowledged that `Abobo, placed under curfew Friday night, was" full of rebels. " "They take positions with heavy weapons," he added. Around noon, Nike Free Run+ residents reported to the AFP `fire` s heavy weapons in the area. And one of them said, `they saw four tanks rolling into Abobo, four troop transports" filled with soldiers, "and" two pick-up with mortars. There, the special envoy of Figaro, Cyrille Louis `s not in a position to confirm this information. Exchanges of fire have taken place in the neighborhood, but they are daily Abobo for some time and are not necessarily a sign that `offensive` s size is actually outstanding. In addition, a civilian vehicle in the mission of the UNO in Cote d `Ivoire (UNOCI) was set on fire without that` there appears to be a victim.
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